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History of rereading entries in my diary.
Emerald Rose Gendreau
18 years old
First boyfriend.
My parents divorced.
Mother gets news she is getting deployed to Iraq.
Father because mentally ill over the seperation, and takes it out on his children.
Verbal abuse, and constant stalking.
First breakup, followed by bullying.
Finds first love.
Mother is gone in the middle east.
Father has moved onto phsyical abuse towards my brother.
Verbal abuse worsens.
Start dating new boy.
Takes virginity and cheats on me.
Boy moves away.
Calls me a whore and bullies me online.
Bullying at school.
Mother is back, but still with constant stalking from father.
Mother has full custody of my brother.
I still have to visit my dad every other day.
New boyfriend.
Parents get remarried to new spouses.
Boyfriend becomes a nightmare.
Manipulation, mental and verbal abuse.
Father gets news he's been promoted and moves to Georgia.
Physical abuse on both ends in my relationship.
Multiple break ups.
He threatened sui
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we both have the rhinovirus by xxburiedxliexx we both have the rhinovirus :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 0 0 salty by xxburiedxliexx salty :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 2 1 below the overpass go by xxburiedxliexx
Mature content
below the overpass go :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 2 1
PSA by xxburiedxliexx PSA :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 3 4
Shut up, Hush your mouth.
And now I give up on admiring you. Your short replies, your lack of interest, and I'm setting myself up for suicide basically. If I can't have a heart throb for you from here, what am I suppose to do in order to dispose of my damn love? I hate that word, love. It's not real. But there aren't any other good words to describe it. I don't want to be all pansy-shit and say my emotions or feelings. Truth is, I don't even know what I feel anymore. I use to think about you all day. How you are, the way you carry yourself. It was ridiculous. And now you've slowly crushed anything I appreciated from you. You probably were just trying to get me intoxicated, but you still stuck by when I was just buzzed. You were still there and its confusing the shit out of me. Why were you there? Why? You made me lay in my bed every night wondering why you couldn't be here with me. For a bit longer. I had so much hope for the future but then I began the believe it didn't exist because you weren't here yet. Will
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assassin and koala by xxburiedxliexx assassin and koala :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 1 0 lamps are the best. by xxburiedxliexx lamps are the best. :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 5 3 im not paying attention. by xxburiedxliexx im not paying attention. :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 0 0
It's eleven-oh-two and I'm not the least bit tired even after absolutely no sleep all weekend. I'm completely pathetic over you and it's so damn obvious.
I can't stop thinking about the cigarette smell you had in your clothes. It makes me get chills. Sometimes I sit at home and wonder if I had smoked with you, would I have felt the littlest sensation of what it'd be like to kiss you.
You don't even know. You have no clue that night I was lying on the couch, I was hoping you'd come over and kiss my head one more time before I fell asleep. Did you know I hadn't slept for days before I saw you?
It's eleven-eleven and I wish for you to be here. Just be here.
You enriched my thoughts to make me believe I was okay.
I was at the apartment the other night. Downstairs, at the end of the hallway next to the other apartment doors, I took out a cigarette and it wasn't what I thought it'd be. I immediately thought of that night you were there, When I sat next to you and you smoked your hand-rolled
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emi. by xxburiedxliexx emi. :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 1 9 metabolisms by xxburiedxliexx metabolisms :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 3 0 HOPPUS by xxburiedxliexx HOPPUS :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 1 0 id. by xxburiedxliexx id. :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 2 4 shadows. by xxburiedxliexx shadows. :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 18 3 halloween costume by xxburiedxliexx halloween costume :iconxxburiedxliexx:xxburiedxliexx 6 10



breeding with shellders.
United States
Current Residence: Sault Ste. Marie
Favourite photographer: Jessica Gerard :D
Favourite cartoon character: Jacknife.


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